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Brimming with inspired ideas to give city breaks a decidedly unique edge, this stylish series is ideal for first-timers seeking off-the-beaten track experiences, and for repeat visitors in thirst of fresh adventures Come with a free eBook and regularly updated app. Top-end production values - cool, compact flexi format, and full-colour throughout. Includes over 100 insider ideas to make trips unique, authentic and utterly unforgettable. From the inspiring In the Mood section, to the in-depth Neighbourhood knowledge, this is a stylish and practical companion when travellers are out and about making memorable moments. Invaluable maps and Essentials section ensure city explorers won't get lost while venturing off well-travelled roads.

Издатель: APA Publishing UK
Год издания: 2017.
Твердый гибкий переплет.
Страниц: 176.
Размеры: 17x12x1cм.
Вес: 250гр.

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